Mike Goebel for County Council 2004
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Dear Voters,

My name is Mike Goebel and I am a candidate for re-election to one of three At-Large seats on the Vanderburgh County Council. The current county council term is going by very quickly, and I am honored to serve our community.  While reflecting upon my contributions and the accomplishments of the Council as a whole, I feel I am staying true to your values and mine by helping to provide the necessary services for Vanderburgh County residents.  I am very proud that the Vanderburgh County Council has continued to provide a balanced budget during these trying financial times for local government.

 As your councilman, you can be assured that I will continue to represent Vanderburgh County with a no-nonsense and fair approach, and I will listen to your concerns and suggestions.  I will continue to support sound economic growth, to attract and retain businesses which provide good paying jobs, to improve our infrastructure, to fund fully our law enforcement and judicial needs, to provide for necessary  public services, and to promote our educational systems.

 I feel very optimistic about the future of our Vanderburgh County community in spite of the difficult funding challenges we face.  In a relatively short span of time, great changes have come and are continuing within Vanderburgh County.  Several of the plans that have been developed and/or becoming realities are our new Ford Center, the IU Medical School, the convention hotel, the softball-baseball complex, the ongoing work on I-69, the expansion of businesses and the lowering of county unemployment rates.  In my view, these times will be remembered as some of the most progressive times for the positive growth and the future of Vanderburgh County.   Good things are happening now with more good things to come.  I am proud to serve on the County Council during these exciting times; with your support, it is my hope to continue to serve.

Please vote for Mike Goebel for Vanderburgh County Council At-Large on November 3.  Your consideration and your support is genuinely appreciated.  Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Mike Goebel